Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Practice Open Water Swim

There will be a practice open water swim on the Snake Bite Triathlon swim course on 3 different dates. The first will be Sunday May 23 at 1pm, the second will be Saturday June 5 at 9am, and the third on Sunday June 6 at 2pm. The swim will start at the Judges Stand at Lake End Park on La Hwy 70. The course will be a 200m out and back for a total of 400m. There will be kayakers in the water for support. Everyone will need goggles and a swim cap to participate.

Be sure to bring your bike and/or running shoes to get out on the other courses afterwards.

Click here for some tips on OWS.

The city of Morgan City is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and with the help of the Saint Mary Chamber of Commerce, has decided to help support the Snake Bite Triathlon as part of the celebration. We really appreciate their support!

Also, let your friends know to sign up for the Snake Bite Triathlon - we're filling pretty quickly!

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